About Us

We are the one of Saeilo Japan Inc Group, the worldwide machinery firm, which have many branches in Asia, Europe and USA.

Representing in machine tools, formimg die, automation part, electrical parts,Etc withour support by professional service team.

The harmony of people, technology and nature are realizing the diverse dreams of mankind. At a speed never before experienced, the turbulent world economy and evolving advanced information oriented society are in the process of advancing internationalization and making a wonderful industrial culture.

Saeilo Japan (M) Sdn Bhd, with high tech and high spirit as a theme is exerting all of its energy to link together vanguard technology and its availability to the people. Standing in a global sphere, we can contribute more to the happiness and prosperity of the world.

We are aiming at a future enterprise that will carry the genuine meaning of a high tech society.

Machine tools, supporting all kinds of industry through practical standards and long stride advancements of mechatronics technology, have made a more advanced production system become possible.

Machines With High Precision And High Productivity

The CNC machine tool, with its realization of high speed and heavy cutting, unmanned operation and high accuracy guaranteed by using micron unit precision, is strongly supporting the high tech industry.

In order to meet the qualifications of a diversified and advanced market, we offer intelligent production system such as the latest in cutting and forming machines, industrial robots, automated equipment and industrial machines.

Through our sense of mission and our challenging mind towards the machine industry, the domestic scene will see a connection formed between the customer and the superb and advanced world-wide technologies.

Aiming At A Total FA Integrator

Various machines have been introduced at production plants and demands for the construction of the latest functions in an "integrated system" have arisen. The systematizing itself is the source of advancement toward FA and CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) integration.

Saeilo Japan (M) Sdn Bhd with an understanding of extensive user needs, is optimistic in offering a new FA environment. In order to make each process from development to production more efficient, a variety of products such as CAD/CAM/CAE systems, DNC and various FA systems are being delivered. By organically connecting each independent high performance tool, the construction of a more integrated idealistic and total automation system are being stepped up.